Rio: Bellingham Could Play For ANY Team In The WORLD! | Champions League Tonight

Rio: Bellingham Could Play For ANY Team In The WORLD! | Champions League Tonight

Rio Ferdinand and Owen Hargreaves believe that Jude Bellingham has got the talent and temperament to perform anywhere in the world, even at the tender age of 18.

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  1. No doubt, Bellingham will be the next English player at Dortmund that Man Utd spend years pursuing, pay through the nose for and then barely play. English pundits are insufferable. Foden was the chosen one last year, he was supposedly the next Iniesta. Then Grealish was the next Gazza that England needed to play at the Euros, and he's been a wet fart since his move to City. Now it's Bellingham's turn.

  2. Obviously Bellingham is a super talent but this does feel like classic English media overhyping an English player. Calling him better than Haaland is a bit silly given his goal record and Pedri was actually quite a bit ahead of him in the Golden Boy race. That said I have no doubt he'll be a great player. I hope he doesn't return to the EPL to soon, would love to see what he could do in La Liga for example.

  3. Bellingham is a top talent but people need to relax. He couldn't even get in England ahead of Phillips. Not to say that Phillips is better but different team's have different play styles and different manager preferences. He doesn't get in every team rn. He'd be good on the bench. Definitely won't get in city's team, might give marginal improvement to Bayerns. Ole would have benched him for McTominay. Jokes aside, the English hype is mad, look at grealish

  4. If modern EPL history has taught us anything it's to encourage and support young talent through to at least 21, but never EVER head boost them and place obscene expectations on them at 18, because they neither have the experience nor the developed maturity to deal with it. When a huge talent is plastered all over the media, on the tongues of hyped up pundits and fans week in week out, suddenly these young players are pushed into the centre arena and depended on to win huge games both Club and International, where the pressure is too much and inevitably the reverse happens. Then they get slated for not performing to those expectations, bang goes their confidence aswell as the mental strength they had before because now they believe they have something to prove to the naysayers rather to themselves, instead of just playing their true game to their true ability. The fall-out of that, almost always ends up in that player never reaching their full potential.
    I think they should just leave Bellingham alone to perfect his craft until he's in his early 20's and then introduce him to the England squad.


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