"He's A Higher Passer Than Beckham!" 😍 Cole And Rio On Alexander-Arnold | Champions League Tonight

"He's A Higher Passer Than Beckham!" 😍 Cole And Rio On Alexander-Arnold | Champions League Tonight

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  1. 6 months ago, he was as the media said, not good enough to be in the England squad, now hes a better passer than Beckham……i think both are sensational too far each way, i think he was always good enough to be part of the England squd and isnt a better passer than Beckham……… i mad?

  2. Play with wing backs and TAA will be a major asset!!! However at full back I would prefer RJ or KW as they are quicker and better defensively…. Almost on par but not better than Beckham as people forget the levels for Utd (over a long period) Madrid , PSG and England…. Lets wait for greatness to show before giving out plaudits too early…..

  3. Trent is an amazing technician and a great footballer and I love what he can do with a football. He genuinely isn’t very good defensively though. People are constantly saying online ‘he’s better than people think defensively’ but I know what I’ve seen with my own eyes. He gets beaten so easily 1 v 1 that it’s an embarrassment

  4. Fitting players into a team by playing them out of position arguably robbed England of what could have been their best years – e.g. Scholes on the left wing, Rooney in midfield, Gerrard and Lampard as a pairing. While I agree that England have an array of good options on the right it would be a mistake to play them all for the sake of it. Spain often left Fabregas on the bench during their reign of success – if he'd been English he'd probably have ended up playing left-back.

  5. Sorry, theres no way TAA is a better passer/crosser than Beckham and don't get me wrong TAA is world class but fammmmm, I've seen Beckham whip, ping and cross a ball in ways I've see no other player do. Only KDB is close.

  6. For England I'd switch James to LB, I think he could do it….
    White Stones
    Trent James
    Bellingham Mount
    Saka Kane Foden

    But we have a lot of talent to pick from.
    No Grelish or Sterling, Hendo, Phillips, Smith-Rowe, Watkins, the list goes on. Whatever team he picks some people are going to be unhappy with it, but he should definitely stop playing 3 at the back with all the attacking talent we have.

  7. It’s interesting that the debate has become “get your best players on the pitch” versus “pick the best players for the system.” Because a successful team, coach etc. is built on a system that allows those players to thrive.

    England’s Golden Generation didn’t fail simply because they played too many star players. They failed because they were deployed in a system that left those players vulnerable. England might have performed better if they’d picked lesser players who were better suited to the 442, but they definitely would’ve performed better if they’d played a system that accommodated all of those star players. Whether that was a 433, 4321, 352 or whatever – get those world class central midfielders into central midfield.

    Similarly England are doing well with their current setup, but leaving out players like Trent who could be decisive. Liverpool have previously enjoyed an effective balance on the right with Gomez, Trent and Henderson forming a triangle together – they won the league with that setup. All 3 are English, yet Southgate has never explored it. He’s been very successful as England manager, but the very best managers solve the puzzle of allowing their best players to thrive, rather than leaving them out.


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